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Golden Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant

Golden Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant

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The elephant is known to bring good luck.

This elephant is standing on a bed of gold ingots and auspicious coins which signify good fortune and treasure. It is said that the elephnat is the bearer of wishes and dreams - if you place anything on the elephant's back or snout, your ultimate wish will come true

On this elephants back is a money frog or three legged toad, also known as "Chan Chu" Chan Chus are feng shui items that are bearers of fortune. This Chan Chu frog is depicted biting on an auspicious coin which symbolizes wealth

This Golden Money Frog on Wish Fulfilling Elephant can be placed in your office, study or livingroom. Those who wish for a boost in their work prospects as well as some wealth luck can definitely make use of this item! Place this Elephant prominently on your work desk facing out in your office for protection and good luck in your career or business feng shui area.