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Dragon Headed Tortoise

Dragon Headed Tortoise

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The Lo Shu Turtle as it is popularly known, has been said to bring eight different types of heavenly blessings but is very attuned towards bringing wealth. It also connected to luck health, prosperity and protection. When it is depicted with a baby as it is shown here, the wealth luck is said to be especially powerful.

This tortoise with a dragon head has a child clinging on its shell and it is walking steadily upwards on a bed of gold ingots and chinese coins to represent upward mobility in treasure accumulation and support from important people.

The Dragon symbolizes luck, the turtle long life, streingth, and endurance and the baby turtle is a symbol of new beginnings.

Place your Lo Shu Turtle in the hall of your home near the entrance, it will bring you a long and happy life.

In your office, place this Dragon Tortoise either in the north or east sector but not directly in front of you. You can also place this symbol behind where you sit at your desk to give you plenty of support.