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Hong Tze (Red) Dragon Grasping a Pearl

Hong Tze (Red) Dragon Grasping a Pearl

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The Dragon is the ultimate symbol of power, protection, good luck and honor. It is the most important symbol both in Feng Shui and in Chinese folklore. In Chinese culture the dragon is auspicious and magnificent, and most sacred of all creatures and is treated with great respect.

This dragon made of resin stands with one foot raised, grasping a pearl signifing good fortune. Also known as the Shen Lung, it is a symbol of good fortune and abundance, a bearer of good tidings and especially auspicious for those who are embarking on a new endeavour or career.

Having a dragon in any part of your home, office or premise or even your car is auspicious for all your endeavours as it represents ultimate Feng Shui for the well-being of the entire family. The dragon is best placed in the east sector but it can also be placed main areas of the home and business or by a window facing the road to help bring in wealth luck and prosperity.

For career success, place a dragon behind you at work to ensure you are constantly improving and achieving your goals. He will ensure you to continue grasping your opportunities and counter office politics that could harm your progress.

Dimensions - 5"H