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New Beginings

New Beginings

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BUTTERFLY - The butterfly signifies Transformation, New Beginings.  It is a symbol of long life because the second character in butterfly (hudie 蝴蝶) has exactly the same pronounciation as the character 耋 (die) which means "70 or 80 years of age". It is also know

KEY OF LOVE  - This key opens the door to LOVE

JADE AX  -  The ax is the symbol for  protection and remover all obsticals in your life. It is one of the "Twelve Imperial Symbols" symbolizing the power to make decisions and punish.

JADE  -  Jade  is the Stone of Money, Wealth and Love. Know as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries, it was widely used as a talisman to attract good fortune and bring good luck, prosperity and health. Jade provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems; and brings needed energy, which is so important in managing the business or making money in general. 

JADE   has been treasured in China since 2950 BC, where it was considered a Symbol of Love. Jade is a stone of the heart. So, of course, it can attract and enhance love. Jade increase a persons capacity for giving and receiving love. It manages passionate feelings. Jade is given by lovers as a statement of their love and devotion to each other. Jade is also a stone of fidelity.

JADE was considered to be the Stone of Magic to the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. It dispels negativity and thought to provide protection from one's enemies. Helps the wearer to sense the truth in all situations. Jade is said to bless the one, who touched it. It helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. Jade will protect you and also will mirror back the Evil Eye.