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Waters , Room Sprays, Elixirs

Receive all the treasures and benefits these Waters, Sprays and Elixirs have to offer
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Attraction Spray

Attraction oil Attraction oil is used t...

Cedarwood Spray

Cedarwood Spray Cedarwood Spray is used...

Ganesha Success Water & Auspicious Beginnings Elixer

Ganesha Lord of Good Fortune remover of...

Golden Goddess Wealth Water


Kali Ma Shakti Water (Remover of Obsticals)

Kali Ma Shakti Water - Remover of Obsta...

Lakshmi Abundance Water (Success, Prosperity, Fortune)

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess who govern...

Money Drawing Spray

Money Drawing Spray is used to metaphys...

Palo Santo Spray

Palo Santo Clearing Spray Palo Santo, a...

Ritual Mist

Ritual Mist Ritual Mist is a traditiona...