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Feng Shui

Feng Shui means "wind-water" Feng Shui is the restoring of peace, harmony & balance to ourselves and our planet.
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Bejeweled Money Frog

Gold Money Frog The three-leg toad has ...

Chinese Coin Bag

Wealth Feng Shui Cure. Great for increa...

Dragon Headed Tortoise

The Lo Shu Turtle as it is popularly kn...

Evil Eye (with red string)

Protection From Inflicting Harm In anci...

Evil Eye Ornament w/ Humsa Hand

For many centuries, cultures from all o...

Feng Shui Bagua Charm

Protection & Balance. The Bagua is one ...


Ganesh also called Ganapati is a son of...

Golden Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant

The elephant is known to bring good luc...

Happy Buddha with Money

Good Fortune, Prosperity, Wealth This B...


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Lucky Cat Family

Lucky Cats Family (sm) Brings wealth a...