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Essential Oil Blends

Through our sense of smell, the scent of essential oils convey a feeling of peace, calm, and tranquillity in life. Essential oils along with meditation creates not only a pleasant environment but assisting in the restorative powers of the body. These oils are derived from leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, flowers and wood, and are shown to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.
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Ancient Wisdom

Solomon Seal Root combined with herbal ...


Cinnamon Bark combined with herbal oils...


Eucalyptus, Chamomile, & Citrus. He...

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood Resin. Used for empowerm...


A mix of Mints & Rosemary. Helps to...

Fire of Passion

Patchouli leaf combined with an herbal ...

Love Drawing

A blend with Rose Petals. Attract the q...

Money Drawing

Frankincense combined with herbal oils....


A blend with Cardamon Pods to promote p...